About Us
Abner Consulting Services (ABNER) is a versatile and diversified Indian company, which has business interests in Human Resource, Education, E-Commerce & Infrastructure Consulting. For over a decade now, the company has grown consistently in size, experience & expertise in each field. The Executive team collectively has over 50 man years of work experience in their respective fields. We are passionate about doing things differently and uniquely in whichever area of business we enter. This is only the beginning of a saga which is destined to challenge and rewrite all the conventional practices and existing models of providing Consulting Services in India.

ABNER has persistently nurtured raw talent and has always strived to bring out the best in every Abnerite giving them ample elbow-room to grow and develop. The Process we adhere to and the discipline we abide by, very naturally grooms every Abnerite to be Focused, Practical, Passionate and Progressive. This brings out results beyond expectations and well within the set time-lines with high levels of Quality.

Established in the year 2006, ABNER went on to:
  1. Acquire an enviable Clientele comprising of the largest and the most prestigious Corporate Houses, Industrial Conglomerates & MNCs.
  2. Design a very robust and detailed Process Flow to tackle all the major risk areas impeccably.
  3. Setup a very strict Quality Analysis and Certification Process, based on the highest standards our Clients ever demanded.
  4. Implement a very strong Research Team to identify and understand unique areas of business and to also gather critical intelligence to help serve our Clients with the best Quality services.
  5. Build a carefully hand-picked team of well educated and seasoned professionals with aggressive selling skills and shrewd management skills.
  6. Nurture a very result oriented culture based on the 3 corner stones of ABNER: Performance, Quality & Discipline.
  7. Achieve our Targets with a consistent % of growth, Year after Year.