Moto, Meaning, Vision and Mission of Abner

Motto of ABNER:

"Making the Impossible, Possible."
We strongly believe that, if something seems impossible, then we should gather more knowledge about it. Accurate and adequate knowledge is the key to making that impossible task, possible.

Meaning of ABNER:

The word ABNER is derived from ancient Hebrew. It originally is pronounced as "Ab - Neh - Herr", which means "My father is my light".

Vision of ABNER:

To be the most trusted and respected Consulting Services brand in India.

Mission of ABNER:

We call it our FOS (Formula of Success): VPPQF = PPP
V stands for Vision which is the most important thing for any organization. If there is a Vision worth dying for, then
P the Passion is born. Passion is wild and hence it is disciplined by
P the Process. Process does to Passion what the potter does to the clay. This delivers the results with very high
Q - Quality standards. And finally,
F stands for Focus and Focus brings in consistency into the whole thing. All these ingredients when blended in the right proportions, delivers high
Performance, consistent
Progress and decent

Vision, Passion, Process, Quality & Focus = Performance, Progress & Profitability.